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Dr. Tomas Birriel MD and the staff at his clinic in Morgan City, Louisiana, are proud to offer a range of high quality surgical and diagnostic services to new patients, established patients, and physician referrals. Dr. Birriel’s services include treatments such as installing gastric balloons, thyroid surgery, gallstone surgery, biopsy, tumor excision, various forms of breast surgery, and other professional services.

With most of these treatments, quality aftercare is very important for a speedy recovery decreased the risk of complications and prevention of latent infection. Dr. Birriel and his staff will provide you with basic aftercare instructions for maintaining sutures, cleaning local skin, changing bandages, and maintaining any necessary drainage tubes.

In many of these cases, Dr. Birriel might also provide you with a prescription for pain medication or if necessary a course of antibiotics. Dr. Birriel and the providing pharmacist will go over any medication instructions with you.

It’s important that you follow the dosage and timing schedule for all prescription medications. This will help ensure your comfort throughout the surgical recovery process while also alleviating any pertinent concerns about infection.

It’s also important to let Dr. Birriel know about any other medical conditions or medications you might be taking. That way he can take them into account when providing you with the necessary prescription medication.

If you have a surgical treatment scheduled Dr. Birriel’s Morgan City, Louisiana clinic and you have aftercare and recovery questions, you can always call 985-384-7173 to speak to one of his staff specialists.