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Dr. Tomas Birriel’s offers several different surgical treatments at his clinic in Morgan City, Louisiana. Many of these operations, involve closing the incision site with suture or installing a temporary drainage tube. After Dr. Birriel has discharged you from his care, you will need to maintain these elements to help prevent a postoperative infection or other complications.

Sutures often need to be dressed in simple sterile gauze, or adhesive bandages. If it is warranted Dr. Birriel might recommend applying some topical antibiotic cream each time you change a dressing.

A temporary drainage tube might be installed to help remove minor bleeding from a surgical site. You will most likely need to clean the drain twice each day.

After washing your hands with warm soap and water, you should discard any materials. Pull the stopper out of the drainage bottle and empty any collected fluid into a measuring cup. You should then record the amount of fluid to track any changes.

You can dispose of the drainage fluid in a toilet sink. Once this is done you need to re-establish drain suction. This will be specific to the type of drain being used. Dr. Birriel or a member of his staff can instruct you in the particular measures needed for your type of drain.

If you had a surgical treatment performed at Dr. Birriel’s Morgan City, Louisiana clinic and you have a question about how to care for your sutures or drain you should call 985-384-7173 to speak to a member of staff.