When a tumor develops within the body, Dr. Tomas Birriel may perform cancer surgery to remove the tumor and increase the chances of remission. It is important to seek treatment as early as possible to keep the tumor contained in one area.

Cancer surgery consists of creating incisions to extract cancerous tissue. It is a local treatment, which means it works best for solid tumors located in one area of the body. A surgical procedure is often combined with treatments such as chemotherapy. Cancer surgery can:

  • Remove an entire tumor from one area
  • Remove part of a tumor that is located on or near a vital organ
  • Reduce pain or pressure caused by a tumor

Prior to performing surgery, Dr. Tomas Birriel and our team may take blood tests, X-rays, or an electrocardiogram. Please follow all instructions regarding food and drink before and after the procedure. Our surgeon will ensure you are fully comfortable under anesthesia before removing the cancer. Surrounding healthy tissue, such as lymph nodes, may also need to be removed to ensure the cancer has not spread.

Following surgery, you will be provided with specific instructions to help you heal properly and reduce discomfort. You may have a follow-up visit a week or two later to assess your progress and remove stitches.

You are welcome to contact our office at 985-384-7173 today if you have any questions regarding cancer surgery in Morgan City, Louisiana, or would like to arrange an appointment with our surgeon.