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Your body’s calcium levels are often regulated by the hormones secreted by the four small parathyroid glands. These pea sized glands are located near the thyroid. Certain medical conditions, and the aging process can cause abnormalities to develop in one or more of the glands.

Early symptoms of a problem with one of your parathyroid glands might include kidney stones, bone or joint pain, abdominal pain, and possibly depression. In a situation like this, you might need to have your calcium levels checked by a simple blood test at Dr. Birriel’s Morgan City, Louisiana clinic.

When this happens, benign growths, known as adenomas, might have formed in response to menopause, radiation exposure, genetics, or some other undetermined factor. In the case of parathyroid cancer developing in one of the glands, it could cause bone pain, kidney disease, neck confusion, hoarseness, or a mass forming in the area.

After an ultrasound has revealed the size and specific location of the offending gland, the surgical procedure is relatively straight forward. After you’ve been made comfortable, Dr. Birriel will make a careful incision in the area. Then the parathyroid gland can be excised.

Once this is done, you should expect parathyroid hormone levels to return to normal in a short amount of time.

if you have concerns about the health of your parathyroid glands, or unregulated calcium levels, you can call 985-384-7173 to speak with a member of Dr. Birriel’s staff at his Morgan City, Louisiana clinic.