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A painful lump that develops in the shallow areas of breast tissue or under the skin might not be related to a malignant or benign tumor. In some cases, a breast abscess can develop from a lingering infection in the area.

Along with a lump or noticeable deformation in an area of the breast, common symptoms might also include pain, general discomfort, or a hot and swollen feeling in the area. In some of these cases, the infectious fluid in the breast abscess can be drained by Dr. Tomas Birriel MD at his surgical clinic in Morgan City, Louisiana.

The size and invasiveness of the breast abscess will influence the method needed to extract the fluid. This might include making a small incision in the area to gain full access to the infected fluid.

Afterward, Dr. Birriel will provide you with the necessary recovery measures needed to help heal the tissues with minimal complications and scarring. This often includes a prescription for antibiotics and pain medication. This will help knock out any concerns of a lingering infection and help maintain your comfort during the healing process.

If you live in the Morgan City, Louisiana area and you are concerned that you might have developed a breast abscess, you should call 985-384-7173 to set up a consultation appointment with Dr. Tomas Birriel.