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In women, breast cancer can be related to several different factors. Self-administered breast exams and mammograms help with early detection to improve treatment options.

Unfortunately, some women have a genetic disposition towards increased chances of suffering cancer in one or both breasts. In some of these situations, a mastectomy might be used as a preventative treatment. It might also be indicated as treatment for an existing breast cancer tumor.

If you have experienced symptoms such as general breast pain, benign nipple discharge, and tissue lumps, or you have noticed an abnormality in your breasts, you should consider scheduling a breast exam with Dr. Birriel at his clinic in Morgan City, Louisiana.

After examining your breasts he can develop a plan for any further diagnostics such as a biopsy while also helping you understand the potential treatments. This could include a lumpectomy, breast conserving surgery, or a complete mastectomy.

If the cancer has spread to include other parts of the body, or the local lymph node has been affected he can help you understand the related factors and treatments. This might also include referring you to an oncologist or other specialist.

If you have a breast cancer concern, you should call 985-384-7173 to schedule a breast exam at Dr. Birriel’s Morgan City, Louisiana clinic.