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As you age, your breasts can begin to lose elasticity and start to sag. This might also be associated with changes in your breast tissues after significant changes in body composition, pregnancy, and breastfeeding.

When this happens you might also experience increasing upper back pain. As time goes by, this may significantly impact your quality of life. In a situation like this, you might be interested in having Dr. Birriel perform a breast reduction at his Morgan City, Louisiana, clinic.

This is can often be done in a single outpatient appointment. Full sedation is required, so you will need to arrange for a ride home. It would also be wise to take a week or two off from work and have someone on hand to help around the house. This will help speed the recovery process after the breast reduction.

During the surgery, Dr. Birriel will make careful incisions to gain access to the underlying breast tissue. After removing an appropriate amount of tissues, he will adjust the skin around the incision site. This will have the effect of tightening and lifting your breast.

if you are interested in a breast reduction to address upper back pain, you should call 985-384-7173 to speak with a member of Dr. Birriel’s staff at his Morgan City, Louisiana, clinic.