Prescription Antibiotics and Pain Medications Need to Be Taken as Directed

Dr. Tomas Birriel MD and the staff at his clinic in Morgan City, Louisiana, are proud to offer a range of high quality surgical and diagnostic services to new patients, established patients, and physician referrals. Dr. Birriel’s services include treatments such as installing gastric balloons, thyroid surgery, gallstone surgery, biopsy,... Read more »

Providing Adequate Rest Is an Important Part of the Surgical Recovery Process

Dr. Tomas Birriel and his team of specialists take pride in offering a wide range of surgical services to the people and communities around the Morgan City, Louisiana, clinic. This includes several different forms of breast surgery, biopsy diagnostics, the installation of gastric balloons, thyroid treatment, gallstone treatments, and other... Read more »

A Breast Lift Can Also Adjust the Size and Location of the Areola

Skin elasticity and breast tissues composition can gradually start to change with age. This can cause women with large breasts to experience significant changes with the height, firmness, and appearance of their bust. In some cases it can even have an effect on posture and discomfort in the upper back.... Read more »

Tips on Preparing for Full Sedation

Different surgical treatments can be performed at Dr. Birriel clinic requiring different levels of sedation. While some can be performed with little more than an injection of local anesthetic, other treatments might require full sedation. This will help to ensure your comfort throughout the surgery while reducing your chances of... Read more »

Breast Surgery Might Be Needed to Treat or Prevent Breast Cancer

In women, breast cancer can be related to several different factors. Self-administered breast exams and mammograms help with early detection to improve treatment options. Unfortunately, some women have a genetic disposition towards increased chances of suffering cancer in one or both breasts. In some of these situations, a mastectomy might... Read more »

Fluid from a Breast Abscess Might Require Surgical Relief

A painful lump that develops in the shallow areas of breast tissue or under the skin might not be related to a malignant or benign tumor. In some cases, a breast abscess can develop from a lingering infection in the area. Along with a lump or noticeable deformation in an... Read more »

A Biopsy Might Be Needed to Determine the Nature of a Mass of Collection of Fluid

Finding a lump, mass, or concentrated area of inflammation anywhere on your body can certainly be alarming. Some of these instances the tissues or fluid involved are benign. Yet in other instances, they can be cancerous or a symptom of a more serious condition. Understanding the nature and severity of... Read more »

Postoperative Drainage Tubes Require Some Basic Maintenance

Dr. Tomas Birriel’s offers several different surgical treatments at his clinic in Morgan City, Louisiana. Many of these operations, involve closing the incision site with suture or installing a temporary drainage tube. After Dr. Birriel has discharged you from his care, you will need to maintain these elements to help... Read more »

A Minor Surgery Might Be Used to Reduce Pressure Caused by a Tumor or Cyst

Cancerous tumors and cysts can develop from a wide range of causes and vary in size and treatment. As they develop certain growths in a particular region can cause significant pressure on other, healthy organs and structures. In some of these cases Dr. Tomas Birriel and the surgical services offered... Read more »

Breast Reduction Surgery Can Help Alleviate Certain Types of Back Pain

As you age, your breasts can begin to lose elasticity and start to sag. This might also be associated with changes in your breast tissues after significant changes in body composition, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. When this happens you might also experience increasing upper back pain. As time goes by, this... Read more »