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Slow healing injuries, puncture wounds, and certain medical conditions can lead to infection. This is more likely to be an issue if you have a compromised immune system.

Once bacteria infiltrate the area they can gradually start to populate and accumulate fluid. In soft tissues, this can cause swelling, a sensation of pressure, pain, and general discomfort. Many people dealing with a building infection will also develop a low-grade fever.

In a situation like this, you should make an appointment to see our professionally trained physician, Dr. Tomas Birriel MD, and the staff specialists at his clinic in Morgan City, Louisiana.

After examining and assessing the severity of the problem Dr. Birriel will present you with the most applicable treatment strategy. In some of these cases, he might be able to drain the fluid during a simple outpatient treatment. Once the fluid has been drained, Dr. Birriel will likely provide you with a prescription for a course of antibiotics. If necessary he may also prescribe pain medication. You should take all medications as directed and finish the course of your medication to recover comfortably and without further complications. Dr. Birriel may schedule a follow-up appointment to make sure you are healing properly.

If you are in the Morgan City, Louisiana, area and you are concerned about a possible infection, please call 985-384-7173 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Birriel and his staff.