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Your body relies on a careful balance of hormones, minerals, and essential nutrients to stay healthy and function properly. When calcium levels increase significantly it can lead to problems with your joints and organs.

Some individuals struggling with hypercalcemia are at increased risk of developing kidney stones as well as bone health issues. Over time high calcium levels can also start to affect the heart and brain.

In some of these cases hypercalcemia is linked to a problem with the parathyroid glands. These four small glands located on your neck below the thyroid gland help regulate the amount of calcium in your blood.

Here at Dr. Tomas Birriel’s clinic in Morgan City, Louisiana, a problem with the parathyroid glands can often be diagnosed with simple blood tests and an outpatient ultrasound. Once the cause of the problem has been determined Dr. Birriel can help you understand your treatment options.

In some of these situations one or more of your parathyroid glands may need to be removed. This treatment plan is more likely if a tumor or other abnormal growth is found.

After the outpatient procedure, we will provide you with basic aftercare instructions, which might include returning for a follow-up examination to monitor your recovery.

If you have been experiencing symptoms that might be related to hypercalcemia, you should call 985-312-4774 to set up an appointment at Dr. Tomas Birriel’s clinic in Morgan City, Louisiana.