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Genetics and body composition often determine the general size and profile of the breast. Lifestyle changes such as pregnancy and breastfeeding can also factor into breast tissue changes and position.

As the years go by, women with large breasts might experience upper back discomfort and pain. This can sometimes be associated with posture problems that can influence the overall quality of life.

Many women faced with this type of discomfort will turn to the surgical services of Tomas Birriel MD and staff specialists at his clinic located in Morgan City, Louisiana. After an initial consultation, which might include diagnostics, Dr. Birriel can help you understand your treatment options.

This might include a treatment plan that calls for him to perform a breast reduction. This outpatient surgery will require full sedation, so you will need to arrange for a ride home.

During the treatment, Dr. Birriel will make careful incisions to gain access to the breast tissues. He will then excise the appropriate amount and redact a small amount of skin. The incisions will then be closed, which will effectively tighten and lift the profile of each breast. If necessary, he can also alter the size and location of the areola.

If you live in the area surrounding Morgan City, Louisiana, and if you have been dealing with upper back pain associated with large breasts and posture issues, you should call 985-384-7173 and set up a consultation at Dr. Birriel’s clinic.