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Skin elasticity and breast tissues composition can gradually start to change with age. This can cause women with large breasts to experience significant changes with the height, firmness, and appearance of their bust. In some cases it can even have an effect on posture and discomfort in the upper back.

In a case like this you might want to schedule a consultation at Dr. Tomas Birriel’s clinic in Morgan City, Louisiana to discuss a breast lift treatment. This outpatient surgery can be used to address several cosmetic and physical issues with your breasts.

The incision strategy that Dr. Birriel uses will be based on the particular details of your breasts, and other cosmetic changes you would like. This can include reducing the amount of skin, the volume of breast tissues and fat deposits, as well as altering the shape, location, and size of your areola.

During the consult he will help you understand any necessary preparatory measures needed. This often includes recommending that you take some time off from work, arranging a ride home after the surgery, and making sure you get the necessary rest.

Dr. Birriel will provide you with post-operative recovery instructions. This might include maintaining a drainage tube, changing dressings and sutures, as well as a prescription for pain medication.

If you are interested in a breast lift to address a physical or cosmetic issue with your breasts, you should call 985-384-7173 to schedule a consultation at Dr. Birriel’s clinic in Morgan City, Louisiana.